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(For the record--and I hope this was obvious, but in case not--this veg*n (term cribbed from [livejournal.com profile] vegan_vulcan !) adventure is strictly reflective of my own health decisions, and not intended as a statement on anybody else's food choices.)

Wins and fails... )

Experiments this week: Various bowls and brands of prepared foods, some vegan prepared soups. I'm trying a vegan pepperoni pizza that may or may not work out. I'll let you know! (I think that one's a Tofurkey.)

For some reason, the idea of a veggie burger grosses me out. This has been an ongoing battle for years. I have some, though -- a new brand -- and some nice-looking sesame buns. I'll try one of those tomorrow.
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I knew this would end up being a trial-and-error sort of process, but I'm a person who's much happier with immediate gratification.

So, I confess here: I failed! Well... I did some things that were 'fail,' anyway.

Details behind this cleverly disguised stalk of broccoli. )

So the question is this: Vegan pizza, with no meat or egg ingredients. The label says "Produced in a facility that processes milk, eggs and soy." What do you think, vegetarian and vegan folks? Would you buy that? (Allergies aren't an issue. I'm blessed to say that I haven't yet met anything I'm allergic or sensitive to.)
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I just made vegetarian nachos and they were fabulous! I used a vegetarian "ground beef" product, black beans, and diced tomatoes and onions, threw in a bunch of seasoning, sauteed it all together, mixed in jalapeno slices, and poured it over broken taco shells.

Normally, I'd slather nachos in sour cream, but this time I just left it off. I might experiment with something like that later. I also could have used black olives, but this time, again, I didn't. The point of the experiment was really to test the waters with the fake hamburger, so I wanted to keep the condiments to a minimum. I'm happy to note that it passed with flying colors, so my recipe book gets to expand by one. (Plus, now that I know about the taco shells, I can always stick to beans and veggies. Not refried beans, though. They kind of gross me out.)

I read all the labels. I didn't spot any meat, egg, or dairy ingredients, so I'm pretty sure everything was vegetarian. I used regular brand-name taco shells, but the ingredients passed muster. I guess technically I should try to buy products made by corporations that don't also have meat or dairy companies, but I'm not going to worry too much about that right now. It's enough for me, for now, to just get a handle on what I'm putting into my stomach. Which in this case was a fabulous plate full of yum.


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