True crime

Oct. 14th, 2009 06:42 am
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I confess to watching a certain amount of crime television. I'm currently catching up on old seasons of Bones, which in my opinion is about on par with Criminal Minds, a cut or two above Numbers, a cut below the older seasons of the original CSI, and in an entirely different universe from The Wire.

There are a few plots I'd really, really, really like not to see anymore. These include:

  • Member of crime-solving team is kidnapped by sociopath and buried alive! Team works against the clock to find burial site before the victim suffocates. (Variation: Victim is in danger of being eaten by ants.)
  • Attendee or volunteer at creepy science fiction convention is murdered! Team investigates offensively stereotypical nerds and costumed geeks. (Variation 1: LARP freak is found murdered in sewer system. Variation 2: Furries.)
  • In the beginning of the episode, two idiots who are Up To No Good stumble onto a corpse! Screaming ensues. (Variation 1: People looking for a wacky place to hook up. Example: Mud pits. Variation 2: Stoners giggling their way through some oddball setting. Example: Beach. Desert. Variation 3: Two dumbass misfits with get-rich-quick scheme search off-beat location for get-rich-quick fodder. Example: Two idiots looking for rare, saleable autoparts in a junkyard; two idiots looking for rare, saleable wood in a national forest.)


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