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Went to doctor to have three tubes of blood drawn for mumps, measles, and rubella titers. Check!
Had tetanus and diphtheria shot. Check! (And, I might add, OUCH! -- It hurt like hell.)
Got scheduled for about six other things because I don't ever get any of that stuff done. Check (with extreme grudgingness).

In other news, work progresses. I'm about a third of the way through the revisions on the current story. As I get farther, less needs to be gardened, so the revisions are going more quickly. The first week, it was 200-500 words a day. Today I did about 1000. I'm aiming to finish revisions by next weekend (and out the door!), so I can start my BCU material by the 14th or 15th. I'm not sure which one I'll revise. Possibly the Barrado story. Possibly the ghosts/mouse shit oeuvre.

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So, my acceptance packet arrived!

Thing that fills me with terror: "You will soon receive an email containing an urgent manuscript deadline and manuscript submission instructions for your workshops at the residency." Gulp. Yes. Guess I'd better write something. (This part feels a little like this time last year!)

Thing that fills me with amusement and trepidation: "Send us your measles vaccination records." Say what? That happened about 40 years ago. I have no idea what they'll take as proof, but I suppose I have to call a doctor. And there goes my 15-year streak of not visiting doctors. Blah!

Other thing that fills me with amusement and trepidation: "Now, please sign this form and sent two copies to us, along with a small boatload of money. Not the big boatload, mind you. The bill for that will come later. But a small boatload, just to remind you that we now own you, your relatives, and every coin you'll make between now and the end of your life. Enjoy the ramen."


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