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I'm floating in a disorganized limbo. (I hate this part.) I need to set some goals, even if they're soft goals.

Goal 1: Better
Week of 7/24: Revise.
By 7/24: Post onto OWW.
Week of 8/7: Revise (probably somewhat heavily)
Week of 8/14: Final tweaks.
8/18: Submit for the slush-bombing.

Goal 2: 07 (Stone)
Tuesday 7/25: Phone off the hook. No paying work. Read the entire ms cover to cover and start breaking down into scene cards. If possible, /finish/ breaking down into scene cards. Make revision notes. I suspect the rest of the process will suggest itself at that point, once I see how horrible everything is.
Wednesday 8/2: Email revised synopsis to VP (*insert mild terror here*)
Beginning Thursday 8/3: Try to revise about one scene every two days. (I'd like every day, but I don't think that will be possible.) I'm not really sure how many scenes there are. I'll guesstimate 60. And blah, VP is right in the middle there.
By 10/5: Have two-thirds of the scenes rewritten.
10/5-10/16ish: VP
Post VP: Depends on how thoroughly the thing gets trashed. Worst case: Entire three-month rewrite, ending end of January, then February and March for revisions, with a goal of sending it out April 1, 2007. Best case: The synopsis is structurally sound. Finish rewriting by 12/1, then December and January for revisions, with a goal of sending it out February 1, 2007. I think I'll stick to April, given that it's my writerly anniversary.
4/1: Start sending out 07.

Goal 3: 08
7/31: Five characters, three locations/cultures worked up
9/1: Book entirely outlined. Soft goal for d01: 150K words, 75 2000-word scenes. That's 200 days, roughly. Call it 7 months. I'll try for 5-6, though. And this is aiming for a cleaner d01. Less filler. It will probably be finished in 120K, or less.
4/1/07: d01 finished
5/1/07: Read through ms, make scene cards and revision list.
5/14-8/14: Rewrite.
8/14-11/14: Revise, workshop, revise.
12/07: Polish.
1/2/08: Start sending out 08.

OK. I feel better now. ^_^ Sort of like the end of the Timbuk 3 song: "My headache's gone."


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