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I'm going to make a Stonecoast filter for stuff like MFA updates, how things are going, nuts and bolts issues (who I got for a mentor and workshops, stray thoughts about my reading lists, that kind of thing). If you want to be on it, leave a note in comments. 
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This is my reading stack for now through July 4.

On the left are the finished ones. In the middle are the 'suggested' readings. On the right are the 'required' readings. There are another three or four that haven't come yet, and another two that are in progress.

Also, I have 14 crits to do.

On top of writing 1000 words a day and working a day job.

Just thought I'd share! Think I can read that much between now and July? (Technically just the two piles on the right.) You bet your sweet ass I can't! However, some of the novels I read years and years ago, some of the requirements are only an excerpt rather than the whole thing, and some I'm just not going to get to.

(Oh, and I drafted Sephiroth to help me.)


BCU Update

May. 5th, 2007 04:47 am
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So, I got the schedules and class descriptions for the summer residency. And here I was, anxious over the workshops! Hah! After I figured out how to cross-reference the documents, I started to make a preliminary reading list.

As far as I can tell, it looks like I've got about two laundry baskets worth of books to read between now and July. And oddly, I don't own any of them already (although some of them I owned in previous chapters of my crazy evolving life).

If you need me, I'll be the one over in the corner with my face buried in a book. I think I might have to buy a reading chair.

Oh, and if it's 5 AM or so, I'll still be over there at the computer, churning out fodder for rejection.

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I'm thinking about finally getting my yard in hand. It's a project, though. I don't know anything at all about gardening. I always found it boring as hell, but it's a disaster back there, so I'll give it a shot, I think. A few minutes of meditation a day, a few minutes of centering. The first thing I need to do is get some forsythia to plant in the back. No, check that. The first thing I need to do is get back there and try to get all the old roots and dead ivy, etc, etc, dug up so that I can make a good home for the forsythia, which I'm sure aren't cheap. If anybody can recommend any books or websites along the lines of "Gardening for Dummies Who Grew up in a City," I'd love to hear them.

Last week's progress:
New words: 6176
Revised: 5692
Finished draft 2 of Tree, Paper, Ash and formatted it for workshop 2 at Stonecoast

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Conflict of the day: For my first residency at BCU, I have to go to two workshops. I'll have the pieces ready to go in the next four or five days. Not final drafts, because then, of course, they'd be too set in stone for me to be able to feel right about changes. So these are draft-2ish things.

My first workshop is with Mike Kimball, a suspense writer whom I haven't read. He looks like he's got a lot to teach me, though, and I've ordered his books so I can get familiar. My second workshop is with Jim Kelly. I decided to play with a little range for the workshops, so I've got one somewhat structurally experimental (for me) SFish piece, and one... um... medium high fantasy, gayish slave boy thingie. Sort of. Yes. So. The conflict is... given the thriller writer and Jim Kelly, on whom do I inflict the gayish slaveboy story? Who? WHO, I ask you?

I think I've decided to let Mr. Kimball tear up the SF piece, and I'll let Jim Kelly tear up the... you know. Slaveboy thing.

July is going to suck. Really, just sending them out for rejection is so much less painful.

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This first BCU assignment is a little trickier than I thought. Turns out the format is 1-1/2 inch margins with a total of only 18 pages. That works out to about 4500 words or so -- not very many words at all, so yay! On the other hand, that has to be two submissions. That means two stories that are in the neighborhood of 2200 words each, max. Oy! Too long to flash, and too short to have any maneuvering room. That's basically a short story in an elevator. It feels a bit like a test in craft -- which perhaps it is.

The things I was going to revise really don't lend themselves to that short a length. I do have one flash fantasy piece that I think can be reasonably expanded, and I'll have to write the other thing fresh. Maybe I'll make the other one some flavor of hard SF, just to stretch the range a bit.



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