Oct. 26th, 2010 07:42 am
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Paul the Octopus is dead. Dead!

I'm irrationally mournful. Why couldn't he see it coming? Or maybe he did. Maybe he saw it coming, and he banged his little tentacle against the glass over and over, crying for help, saying "I'm dying here, people! People! Help me!"

RIP, Paul the Octopus. The world of precognitive octopodery will never be the same again.
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The weather's gone warm again! The leaves are still skittering, but it feels like they're a step out of time. What a strange year! It's hard to remember those Halloween weeks that were literally a degree above freezing.

In other news, my story "Bitterdark" is live at Fantasy Magazine. As they say on Top Chef, enjoy!
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Wah! The hell with the haters, I felt terrible for you-know-who. Poor sweetie. ;o;

As far as the clothes go... you know, I really loved Andy's acid-cupcake dress.

Could Gretchen possibly come across as any more fake?

Best of luck to the finalists, although the winner's been broadcast more clearly than any other season, for at least six weeks now. Then again, I can't blame the editors; the competitors didn't give them much to work with.

But wait... is that Mondo in a suit? Nooooooo! I wanted to see him rock the glam Pee Wee!
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Apropos of nothing, some mispronunciations that grate on me like nails on a chalkboard. Like nails, I tell you! 

  • impordant (a good example was Sharona on Monk, probably once per episode; nails! nails!)
  • drownding
  • demond (Demon! Demon! There's no 'd' on the end!)
  • aks (as in "Don't aks me"... although come to think of it, "Don't axe me" would be perfectly reasonable)
  • idear


Oct. 16th, 2010 07:47 am
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Once again, I'm behind the times with TV.

Fringe. Holy crap. Holy crap.

I love this show. I just rented the first two seasons from Netflix, and they were like spec-fic crack. I'm now catching up with Season 3 on Hulu. I can't imagine anybody who happens to be reading this hasn't already seen it, but if you haven't... watch it! Seriously! It's like Lost, but with answers! And zeppelins.

I confess, I'm such a moron about TV that I stayed away from Fringe in part, strangely enough, because I had it confused with a comedy called Eureka, which you also probably already know all about. I'm just slow that way. You know... sometimes an idiot savant, sometimes just a plain idiot.
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Seriously! Was that outstanding, or what? This is a Rule 34 mashup just waiting to happen. Oh, wait... who am I kidding? It's probably been out there for months.

But seriously! Epic! These guys are like... identical cousins, all the way, one pair of matching bookends, different as night and day.

As far as the real stuff goes... meh. They made the right calls all around. Except, oddly enough, I didn't think Gretchen's was all that terrible. And go, Michael. Don't think I didn't notice when you gave Gretchen (she of the "I'm so glad I got the second chance that you all got") that big bear hug.

Michael's a cutie. I love Andy, but I hope Michael goes to Fashion Week just on general principle.
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No Daily Mondo today. If I were posting one, though, it would be a picture of Michael.

Mondo, you chucked a wobbly. But you're still the best thing on that show.

And Gretchen, dear god. That's Heidi Klum, and you're some hick from nowhere. If you don't have the wisdom to check your ego, at least have the business sense to know when to shut up.

Daily Mondo

Oct. 1st, 2010 08:47 am
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Tim gets verklempt!

April actually makes an adorable dress!

Valerie is weapon-grade annoying! Holy gods... who thought it was a good idea to have her yak for about 27 hours after the elimination? Was it some sort of twisted producers' revenge? Honestly, the only thing that would have made it worse would have been to have her twin Ivy chattering back at her.

Wow! There's somebody named Christopher on this show! Seriously, I keep forgetting. He seems like such a nice guy, and yet he has absolutely no personality beyond "such a nice guy." (As the judges said, "You know, they're unmemorable... I mean, do we remember, do you remember anything memorable? I can't remember. They're unmemorable.")

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Mondo is becoming increasingly adorable.

Spoiler alert, even though the show has already aired... )

My primary thoughts:
What the hell? Mondo is 32? I never picked that up before.
The bottom two should both have gone home. This show has had some low points, but those two are nasty, nasal, annoying pieces of work.
Really, more shows should have footage of Swatch the Mood-dog.

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Here in my neck of the woods, it's a very Viable Paradise morning. Green grass, mist, quiet birdsong, and rising autumn.

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Wow! Pastry chefs are apparently much nastier than regular chefs! Who knew?

Well, at least there's one funny entertaining guy.

You there -- don't pretend you don't know what I'm talking about!

I'd post a screencap, but the spoken bitchy was a lot more fun than the image bitchy.


Sep. 17th, 2010 11:44 am
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Forget the Cotton Club. It's Eddie Munster!

Seriously? I kind of love Mondo.

And also... I kind of laughed my ass off with Christopher and the leather.

They picked the right person to go home, I guess. The women this season are so bland yet hateful that I'd just as soon see all of them picked off before even the blandest of the men (who still happens to be around).

And Andy! I can see how he had a problem with Jackie O. It's like playing Pong on a PS3!
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OK, this made me laugh my ass off.

Feel the love!

Best Project Runway moment of the season! If you're watching it, you know why. If you're not watching it, well... you don't really care.

This season in general is full of bitter people, with a generous helping of people who are so nondescript that even after this many weeks I see them and say to myself, "Wait. There's somebody named Christopher on this show?"

But this episode was golden. Golden!

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I've learned a lot about writing fantasy from this song, which isn't really a fantasy song at all.

I suggest playing the song without watching the video first. Just the song.

(The whole album Silver is pretty outstanding. The group is Boiled in Lead.*)

Edited to add: Oh, dear goddess. No wonder. I had no idea. I heard them on and ended up getting the 2008 album. I kind of love it when my worlds collide.

*That's their name, not a really really unfortunate accident.

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Is anybody else having trouble with IGMS's submission system? I've requested the submit message a couple of times in the last few days, and I'm not getting a response (it usually comes pretty quickly).

I don't know whether the system isn't as automated as I thought it was or my requests are going into some black hole of a spam filter.

I figure I'll give it another couple of days, then request from a different email address. Awkward!
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This relentless scorching steaming heat has turned me into an idiot. I'm not sure how many IQ points I've lost, but I'm doing crazy things like miswriting checks, making dumbass dayjob errors, and generally limping around in a fog.

Just sharing!

Really, given the length of most of my posts, I really should just jump to Twitter. Then again, that's probably The Stupid talking.
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I'm not a "shitty first draft" kind of writer. It just doesn't work for me. I'm an outliner and a planner and a diagrammer and a flowcharter. I've cranked out several novels using the shitty first draft process, and much to my chagrin, ended up with 100K of unrevisable shit! Stories are the same way. I end up with something that's flawed on a fundamental level and has to be rewritten from scratch -- in effect taking the same number of weeks as it would have if I'd slowed down and thought things through. Often it takes even longer.

Over the course of years of practice, I've come to terms with the way my mind wants to process. It wants more slowness and deeper thought, and that's fine. We've accomplished a couple of goals with that method of doing things, my mind and I.
Sadly, though, the methodic process doesn't work well for me for a long piece.

So I'm trying a new process! I call it.... "the merely flatulent first draft"! I don't have to go all 2000-words-a-day shitty (at least not while I'm working two jobs and taking care of a dog, a yard, a house, a car, etc), but I still get a regular number of more-or-less reasonably appropriate words (meaning the right characters are gotten to the right places and doing the right things).

Anyway... I just had to post, mostly because "merely flatulent first drafts" amuses me. I'm seven, that way.

Good news

Jun. 12th, 2010 01:32 pm
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Well... I was trying to restrain my jubilation, and I managed to last about 50 minutes.

I got word from GigaNotoSaurus that they'd like to take my story "Jackstraw Magic."

I'm proud of that story, and the length made submission problematic, to say the least. So a big thank you to Ann for opening a venue where longer stories might find a home.

Thanks also to those of you who beta-read the story in its earlier incarnations, back when it still had the working title of "Posterity." Your excellent advice made it a better story.

So, huzzah! Thanks, Ann. :)

I'll be over in the corner here, happy dancing.
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Ah, the smell of internal debate in the morning... er... afternoon! I might actually stay up to watch the Lost finale live tonight. It just feels so pop-culturally significant. Plus, it could make up for the fact that I've missed every significant television finale for at least the last twenty years, and most of the series that ended in significant finales. On the other hand, it will screw with my writing schedule all week, not to mention my regular work schedule. I guess I'll see how I feel in a few hours.

Also on the other hand, it's been so many years since I watched an actual television program live on the TV that I'm not sure I even know which buttons to press. And I haven't watched a show with commercials in it for at least five or six years. Maybe I'll start to watch it, then give up a half-hour into it.

Ironically, of the few shows I've been following, the other one is Celebrity Apprentice. Don't judge!
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Do you ever have one of those long awkward spells when all your submissions have been out there forever?

Hey, plus, is it my imagination, or has the blogiverse really slowed down in terms of reporting its rejections? Maybe people are tweeting their rejections now.


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