Jan. 13th, 2011

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I love my dog. I love my dog more every year, and I'm starting to get very nervous about the gray hairs in her nine-year-old muzzle. In short... she's getting old, for her breed and size. Apparently it doesn't matter. She still periodically develops these odd habits that seem to come out of nowhere. She's constantly teaching herself new tricks!

The newest: gravity-defying dog. She's suddenly started to enjoy sleeping in the reading chair with her head down, on the footstool.

Molly on the ottoman

Weird! (That sheet is my mostly futile attempt to keep the dog hair out of the corners of the chair.) I can understand her sleeping on the cushy chair -- I bought it for grad school, and she totally appropriated it even though she didn't give me a cent to pay the Visa bill. What boggles me is that she apparently enjoys sleeping with her head downstream of the bulk of her hundred-and-twenty pounds. That would make my head feel funny and strange -- but not her, apparently! At first I thought it was an accident, that she happened to just roll that way. But now I'm finding her in this position more and more, so it's striking me as preferential.

Maybe she likes the funny strange feeling!


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