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(For the record--and I hope this was obvious, but in case not--this veg*n (term cribbed from [livejournal.com profile] vegan_vulcan !) adventure is strictly reflective of my own health decisions, and not intended as a statement on anybody else's food choices.)

Fail: Bacon! I tried Lightlife bacon, and... no. Not quite. It was vaguely reminiscent of bacon to me, but not enough to pass muster. It worked better in a BLT, but I was using regular mayo (I still have a jar of that), so it might be that the mayo overpowered the not-quite-bacon texture and taste. I'll probably try some other brands.

Win: Gimme Lean sausage. Fantastic! That one's going to be a staple. They got the texture and the taste perfect, right down to the little chewy bits (which actually were one of the things about sausage that I didn't care for, ironically). Now if I can just work out some egg and soy cheese recipes, breakfast might be back in business.

Win: More Amy's Bowls. They require label reading, though.

Fail: Some brand of crackery chips, I don't even remember which. I read the label on one bag and it was fine, so I grabbed a second flavor. I was halfway through the second flavor and casually reading the label, and realized it was made with mlk powder.

Win: Frozen vegan roasted vegetable pizza!

Win: Freeze-dried fruit!

Fail: I really really really wanted something with icing today, and Whole Foods didn't have a single vegan cake with icing. They had some pies, but I don't really like pie. They had some walnut breads and things... but I really wanted icing. Last week I got an amazing carrot cake cupcake that was perfect, but they didn't have them this morning. On the other hand, I grabbed the freeze-dried fruit instead, so that was a fail that turned into a win.

Win: Newman-O's ginger cream cookies! (That cream is sort of like icing. I should have gone back for those.)

Experiments this week: Various bowls and brands of prepared foods, some vegan prepared soups. I'm trying a vegan pepperoni pizza that may or may not work out. I'll let you know! (I think that one's a Tofurkey.)

For some reason, the idea of a veggie burger grosses me out. This has been an ongoing battle for years. I have some, though -- a new brand -- and some nice-looking sesame buns. I'll try one of those tomorrow.
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